GISOLR Initiative

The GISOLR Initiative

The Girona Science Online Learning and Research (GISOLR) Initiative is leaded by the C4D. This project is composed by different activites, all of them related to Science Online Learning as well as Research -i.e., a subset of Open Knowledge.

MOOC initiative

This initiative leverages use of MOOC as a practical and quality form of learning, and as a useful way of promoting activities of GISORL’s people and groups.

  • Communicating Science 2.0.1: keys for a digital society  (MiriadaX platform)
  • History of Chemistry: from subatomic particles to macromolecules (MiriadaX platform)
  • Magic, Science and Confessable Secrets (currently in production, to be taught in MiriadaX). Blog
  • University entry-level Chemistry (Currently in the planning phase)
  • Introduction to advanced chemical catalysis and molecular modeling (Future consideration)

Dealing with Wikipedia facilities

Wikipedia (both in its standard project and with related projects) is a great opportunity to leverage Open Knowledge, and thus to foster Open Science – Learning and Research – and Dissemination.

For instance, Wikibooks as an open source for learning paths seems a promising way to deliver courses to attainn a specific competence.

Open Educational Resources